What's Your Need?

Do you have a specific need that you're trying to fill for a team? Reach out, and we can build a workshop to meet your particular requirements.


Helping Teams Communicate and Be More Effective

Teams can get stuck in the same old patterns that hold them back from being productive. This facilitated workshop gets to the core of your team's strengths and pain points, and guides the team itself to identify a path forward.


Find Fulfillment in a Purpose-Driven Life

What does it mean to find purpose? How do you find--or create--work that truly motivates and engages you to live as your best self? We use techniques to identify each person's individual purpose, and explore how to translate that into employment... which can mean change, or simply reconnecting with the job you have!


The Most Important Product You'll Ever Manage

Does thinking about your career stress you out? Do you avoid spending time creating a personal development plan at work?

Imagine if it was easy to manage your career, because you are able to apply your existing product management skills... to your career. What would be possible if you could think about yourself as a product that potential funders are just dying to find?

In this workshop, we'll re-frame how you think about yourself by developing a product strategy, roadmap, and a plan to get you to be the hottest commodity on the market the next time you want to look for a job!



San Francisco & East Bay, CA

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